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Welcome - Come Have a Chat With Nana


I'm so glad you stopped by for a chat with Nana.


Come in.  Get yourself a cuppa or a cool drink and take a minute to relax and enjoy our time together.  You're always welcome to stop in for a chat with Nana. We'll either sit on the porch or in the kitchen for informal chats  - depending on the weather. 




It's a cute story that I'd like to share with you. 

When I was only 3-4, my brother and I would visit with my grandparents. Granny always had cookies and milk ready to tempt us and usually, a big picture puzzle was laid out for us to spend time learning how to put it together. Time to leave and Grandpa would always call us over to him and ask

“Where’s your penny pocket?”

When we showed him, he would always have a bright shiny penny to put in it for us. Oh, how happy we would be. But one time - I remember so clearly - I didn’t have a pocket. Oh, my. Well, Grandpa said

“Too bad. Guess there’s no penny for you today.”

At that ripe age of 3-4, I learned my first lesson being prepared. The penny was both an opportunity and a reward being offered to me. But that day without a pocket meant I was unprepared to accept them. You can be sure I had a pocket from that day forward when we visited. 

Times have changed

A penny is no longer a reward but the story teaches us that even little children can learn to be ready for opportunities and rewards that life offers them.  It's lessons and stories like that, that we all have and need to pass on to our children and especially to our grandchildren. 

What parent today wouldn't hesitate to jump in and try to make their precious one 'feel' better.  In doing this, the lesson isn't learned.  Life has moments where things don't go the way we want them to and that's - well that's life.  

Was I disappointed that day?  I really don't remember that part of it.  What I do remember and remember clearly was that one must be ready for things in life or they can pass you by.   

The Lesson for Today

We continue to have things to learn and be ready for in this new era of our lives.  And like my story of many years ago, preparation is still an important part of being ready for the opportunities life has to offer.  Come along and join me on this wonderful new journey. Are you ready?


A Note from Nana

As you wander through this site, you will see that religion plays a very significant part in my life and my teachings.  Many people, while they believe in God, think religion is something that can be put off until later years – when they are closer to meeting their maker. News Flash: We're at that era!

Finding and following the Lord at an early age was one of the greatest opportunities of my life.  Each of us has been created by Him and He would like to help us throughout our lives.  The sooner we accept that help, the brighter our lives become.  I’d like you to believe in Him and invite Him to be a part of your life, but that is a decision only you can make. 

Our Prayer Page

If you are interested or have a need, at the top of the page, you can click on 'Prayer Info'.  You'll find a drop-down menu with 'prayer page' where you can post prayer requests.  Please read the directions before you begin. Your prayer needs are important and the information you give will hopefully be prayed for not only by you and me but for others who visit the site. If you don't have a need, consider checking to see if there is someone there who you can add to your prayer list. 

If this is new to you, you might want to consider clicking on the 'Sinner's Prayer' and saying that.  It's never too soon or too late to come to know our Lord Jesus Christ.  You have nothing to lose by believing and Heaven to gain.  I'd love to meet you there. 


Format of the Site

As you go through the site, you may think that what is shared and taught is very simple.  I certainly hope so. Simple things are ones that we learn from the fastest and strangely enough, they stay with us.  The site, hopefully, is designed to give you tools and suggestions, not answers, to how you can explore, discover, and use the opportunities that this new era of life has for us. 


Nana's Role

Nana is here to answer questions you may have.  With a lifetime of experiences, I may have some

Chat with Nana

       Chat with Nana

answers to problems or questions you may have.  Do feel free to post those questions in the comments section below each post or in the contact page or by replying to Nana's News emails. At the top of each page, you will find a heading titled 'Seniors and Retirees'.  If you click on that, there will be a drop down menu giving you different posts here. New posts can also be found in the BLOG section. Feel free to explore the site.  And if there is an area where you'd like more information, please let me know. 


Information for the Rest of Your Family

I also will be posting information helpful for your adult children and grandchildren as we move along.  They too are learning about this new era you have entered and want to be there for you.  If you have suggestions for things you want to pass along to them or need from them, don't hesitate to leave me a note in the comment box or send a reply to the weekly Nana's News emails. And if you are in this group, you too may leave questions and comments for Nana. And you too will get extra information in Nana's News emails.  People sometimes hear and listen to things taught and suggested by a third party - especially reading it on the internet.  Take advantage of that.

What's Ahead?

This is your opportunity to grow and learn in any area you choose.  If I don't have the answer, I'll try to find someone who does and ask them to do a guest post to get your answer.  Should be a fun experience for all of us.  So, do join in.  It is an exciting and challenging time of life.


Love, Hugs, and Prayers,